Insurance Claim Supplements

A roofing contractor needs to know how much it costs to repair a leaky roof. But what happens when you need access to the original estimates? What about the fact that some roofs are built differently than others? Roofing contractors often supplement roofing insurance claims to ensure they receive payment for the full damage caused by leaks. The team at RISE Roofing Supplements can help you determine whether there is enough coverage in the claim without having access to the original estimates or knowing exactly what type of roof was installed.

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Determining Roofing Supplement Coverage

A supplemental claim is a document submitted to the insurer that provides information about a specific roof part that wasn't included in the initial estimate. This could mean anything from adding a skylight to providing additional material quantities. In many cases, the roofing contractor will provide photographs of damaged areas along with the necessary documentation to support the claim.

Suppose the scope of loss includes only some of the correct materials or quantity. In that case, the contractor will need to submit another Xactimate estimate with pictures and other documentation to request more money. The RISE Roofing Supplements team can provide classroom, zoom or job site training which includes photo training if needed in order to make sure you have the proper pictures and documents to submit your claim.

Why should you supplement?

There are several reasons why contractors should supplement their income with insurance supplements.

  • It allows roofers to earn more money.
  • Helps roofers build relationships with homeowners. 
  • It gives roofers the ability to provide additional services. 
  • It increases their credibility among clients. 
  • It improves customer service. 
  • It generates more referrals. 
  • It makes them look like experts in roofing.

Let us help you avoid the risks of supplements

While there are plenty of benefits to supplementing, there are also risks. One risk is that you need to file the claim properly to avoid losing out on future work. Another risk is that if you file the claim incorrectly, you may pay more than necessary.

To help you avoid these risks, the team at RISE Roofing Supplements will ensure that the estimate and claim gets filed properly. With a Certified Insurance Adjuster on staff we can help reduce much of the risk associated with submitting these types of claims. Also, ensure that you only accept supplemental payments after completing the job. Lastly, ensure that you communicate clearly with your client about any changes to the scope of work. These steps will keep you safe and secure while still earning extra cash.

RISE Roofing Supplements - Reliable Supplement Claim Service

What roofing jobs should you supplement?

The team at RISE Roofing Supplements specializes in supplementing insurance jobs, where the adjuster determines that the roof needs to be replaced. For insurance jobs, the best practice is to supplement every single job. Why? Because it's not only beneficial to the homeowner but it's also beneficial to the contractor. The contractor earns more money and gets paid faster by providing a consistent process for documenting roof repairs.

Best Practice for Insurance Claim Supplements

Using a standardized process for roof inspections, the contractor can ensure that the adjusters pay them for the correct amount of work done. This means the contractor doesn't have to worry about being underpaid.

While supplementing every job is the best practice, it's only sometimes possible. Some jobs don't warrant a supplement. For example, if the roof looks fine after the initial inspection, there is no reason to spend time and money inspecting the roof further. If you supplement less than 100% of your jobs, you probably need to take advantage of other opportunities to make more money. This can take away from the time you have to potentially be selling other jobs.

How much can supplementing make you?

Roofing contractors can make between $2000-$6000 per job when they supplement, depending on the workmanship and materials used. A 25% increase in annual income means you'll get paid what it takes to do the job properly.

You spend time and money to ensure you have the right amount and types of materials and follow local building codes and installers' best practices to comply with manufacturers' warranties. All of that adds up to extra profit for you.

Even the insurance carriers agree you deserve to be compensated for doing the job correctly. However, the catch is you have to ask for it. The bottom line, you're losing out on additional profits if you're not asking for supplemental payments.

Why Hire RISE Roofing Supplements?

You should hire a supplementing company like RISE Roofing Supplements for several reasons. First off, it saves you time. Instead of learning to supplement, you give us the job, and we handle the rest. Secondly, it helps you grow your business. By outsourcing the work to a supplementing company, you free up your time to focus on growing your business instead of doing paperwork. Finally, it allows you to concentrate on selling roofs and not spending time on paperwork.

RISE Roofing Supplements is a supplementing company that specializes in roofing claims. Our goal is to provide our clients with the highest quality service at affordable rates. Every client deserves the same level of service regardless of their budget. We don't charge extra fees for any services we perform. We strive to keep our costs low to pass those savings on to our clients.

Our mission is simple: Provide high-quality service at competitive pricing. We hope you find our service satisfactory and look forward to serving you soon!