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Xactimate is a leading and trusted insurance claim software. In the insurance repair industry, it helps streamline the claims process and allow contractors to quickly estimate repair costs and provide appropriate documentation to the insurance company. Xactimate is a powerful tool that can help save time and money when creating estimates so that contractors can manage their projects efficiently.

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What Is an Xactimate Estimate?

Xactimate estimates summarize all the materials and labor costs needed for a homeowner's insurance claim. An insurance adjuster writes a Xactimate estimate after inspecting the damaged property. Once the adjuster writes the estimate, they will send it to the contractor along with any additional documentation required to support it.

A contractor may need to write the Xactimate estimate if there is a disagreement between the adjuster and the contractor regarding the cost of repairing the damage. The contractor must provide supporting documents to justify the price of the repair work. These supporting documents include receipts, invoices, photographs, etc.

Determining Roofing Supplement Coverage

Once the contractor receives the adjuster's estimate and supporting documents, they will prepare a supplemental estimate to dispute the adjuster's findings. The contractor will submit the supplementary estimate and supporting documents to the insurance company.

Xactimate estimates can be very helpful in determining whether or not the contractor should file a supplement. However, they are only part of the process. You still need to review the adjuster's findings and supporting documents to determine whether or not the contractor needs to file a supplement.

Xactimate is an insurance estimating software that is used by both contractors as well as insurance adjusters.

How Does Xactimate Calculate Material Pricing And Labor Pricing?

Xactimate calculates material and labor pricing using a 5-phase, comprehensive process that includes data from thousands of material suppliers and millions of actual damage estimates each year, including aggregated averages to capture regional price variations.

This means that Xactimate doesn't rely solely on individual material supplier quotes. Instead, they use a combination of data from multiple sources to provide accurate pricing and cost estimates.

For example, if you ask a single material supplier for a quote, they might tell you that the average price per square foot for drywall in your area was $0.50/sqft. However, if you asked several suppliers at once, you'd find out that the average price per sq ft was $0.60/sqft.

That's because there are regional differences in material and labor pricing due to market supply and demand. As a result, Xactimate uses a 5-phase process to gather data from 35,000+ material suppliers and 4 million+ actual damage estimates each year to estimate material pricing and labor pricing accurately.

They also include 3rd party sources to incorporate worker's compensation and federal and state taxes. These additional factors are used to calculate material pricing and labor costs.

RISE Roofing Supplements - Reliable Supplement Claim Service

Why Hire RISE Roofing Supplements?

RISE Roofing Supplements offers Xactimate estimates services to our customers. We've developed proficiency and expertise with Xactimate to provide accurate, reliable estimates for your projects. Our goal is to save you time and money by providing high-quality estimates at a reasonable price.

We do this by offering competitive pricing, superior service, and exceptional value. We don't charge extra fees for estimating services and never ask for upfront payments. Instead, we bill monthly after the project is completed.

Our estimates are accurate and reliable because we use Xactimate software. We've invested thousands of dollars in training and development to become proficient with Xactimate. As a result, we can accurately calculate the materials needed for any job.

We also provide excellent customer service. We answer questions promptly and respond quickly to requests for additional information. We'll even walk through the process with you to ensure you receive the most accurate estimate possible.